Few Exercise that a Cancer Patient should do

“There is a can in cancer because we can beat it” Research says exercise can be the one of most important cancer treatments. Though there is no replacement for the treatment that a cancer patient goes through,staying active during the treatment can just add to the faster healing. It increases the strength and stamina of the body and reduces depression and anxiety.

Also exercise helps you enjoy life fully without any worries. So here are some ways to keep your serotonin level high even when it is challenging.


Cancer Patients undergo chemotherapy which destroys the cancer cell and also kills the normal blood cells of our body, which leads to weakness. So patients prefer to lie down due to debility, so it is important to start with slow walking to keep the body energetic.


The risk of Cancer can be reduced to the extreme by keeping the muscles flexible, strong and healthy as the blood flow increases thereby providing oxygen to the muscles which enables the body to repair itself. Stretching is also efficient to recover from cancer treatments. Because the radiation therapies tend to limit the range of motion and stretching can tone down the tissues that would help in opening up the stiffening muscles.

Blowing up Balloons

Blowing up balloons is an effective  breathing exercise for the people who are suffering from lung cancer. It allows oxygen to enter into your lungs and expel the carbon dioxide from it. This will keep your lungs healthy and improve your endurance. Blowing up balloons increases your lungs’ ability to maintain a sufficient flow of oxygen.


“Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So relax.”Once you learn to control your mind, you can achieve any goal in life. Cancer causes a lot of anxiety and panic.Meditation helps to overcome all these. Meditation improves your sleep cycle.It helps you to be in the moment. Once you start practicing mindfulness, you will be able to notice the positive changes in your life.

Balance exercise

It is shown that during cancer treatment, the body loses a little bit of balance. It is due to the muscle weakness and pain that comes with the treatment. Balance exercises can assist you in regaining the function and mobility you require to safely return to your normal activities.There are few balance exercises that you can try at home. For example Bipedal toe raises and heel raises.open change active range of motion exercise e.t.c.

Exercises are effective but It is more advisable to do it safely under proper guidance .So make sure you consult your doctor before you start any of these exercises, what works for everyone may not work for you, so it is always better to take advice from an expert. Lastly it’s about focusing on the fight not the fright, so keep on fighting, you will surely win.

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