Maternity Care in Delhi and Foods to avoid during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a crucial time, where you have to take care of your health physically and mentally. A common phrase heard during this phase are the ‘Cravings’, be it the classic “Khatas” as portrayed in Bollywood or a unique one that you might have come across, it is natural to have cravings during pregnancy, but the tough part comes when you have to avoid them. If you are located in New Delhi and are looking for assistance or advice, the options for maternity care in Delhi are plenty. If you are curious about the kind of food to avoid, here is a list for you-

Caffeine: If you have been in love with your morning cup of coffee, unfortunately, you might have to say goodbye temporarily. Since caffeine gets absorbed quickly and travels to the placenta, it can be risky as the baby’s placenta might not have developed the required enzyme yet to metabolize it. Usually, pregnant women are asked to limit their caffeine intake to not more than 200 milligrams per day. If despite this you seem to face issues during your pregnancy, you can always check ‘maternity clinic near me’ and contact the nearest option.

Raw Sprouts: Usually, sprouts are considered the go-to option when under a diet, but this changes when pregnancy takes place. Sprouts could contain Salmonella, which is a bacteria nearly impossible to wash off and grows in the humid environment where sprouting takes place. You can choose to consume them after they have been perfectly cleaned and cooked. Have more questions about what you can cook and consume if it contains sprouts, and want to seek advice from private hospitals? Check out private maternity care near me and shoot your questions.

Milk, cheese, or fruit juice that is not pasteurized: Since milk, cheese, and fruit juices can contain a variety of bacteria which your body would have allowed otherwise, but during pregnancy, it might reject the same for the baby. These bacteria could be lead to infection. The best way to do away with this is to consume pasteurized products and avoid the consumption of bacteria. If you wish to find out more details about pasteurization and if doing it at home is safe enough, Maternity care in Delhi is available to answer your questions.

Alcohol: Consuming alcohol can lead to possible miscarriages and stillbirth and is extremely harmful to your baby. It can also lead to negative consequences and impact the child’s brain development along with other disastrous impacts on the body. It is rarely advised to consume alcohol at any given amount, hence it is best for you to say no to it altogether. In case you have queries with regard to what kind of alcohol could be the most harmful during pregnancy, you can head over to private maternity care near me to receive detailed information.

Processed Junk Food: Pregnancy is the phase where you are instructed to consume nutrient-rich food which is extremely healthy for you as well as your baby. Hence, though the cravings will drag you towards consuming junk food., it is best to maintain a safe distance from them. Rich in calories and sugar, these lead to excessive weight gain which can be difficult to shed in the future as well. If the cravings are crossing an uncontrollable stage, a maternity clinic near me is your option to consult!

Though most foods are considered healthy during pregnancy, some food items that are part of your regular diet are best avoided. Optimal nutrition is extremely important to maintain a healthy body for you as well as the baby. Make sure you get all your queries clarified from the Maternity care in Delhi that you’re consulting and have a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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